Tuesday, March 03, 2009

On the Intersection of Jazz and Soup.

Perhaps you have heard the story of stone soup, and perhaps you even enjoy the recipe described in the story. Over the past year or so, I have undertook to make many batches of the stuff. The great thing about it, is that so many “stone soup” recipes differ from one another; I have discovered that there is little consensus on how this soup is to be made.

All things considered*, it seems that making stone soup simply requires one to mix together healthy portions of different vegetables, add broth, perhaps a clove of garlic, and then boil for ½ hour. The end result is much like a Phish song: the loose structure is there, and you more or less know what you are getting into. However the moments of inspiration, and subtleties therein, can take the soup [or song] to wondrous new levels!
(With regard to soup: generally less killer grooves)

As Trey himself might say: improvisation enables the one to obtain a end result they would never have reached otherwise.

Here is to an apple core, worms galore, and a can of some corrosive.

*Or Reconsidered
-C.D. Clements

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