Friday, October 21, 2011

On Road Closures

The road in front of the church is common route for folks to bypass the the traffic on the more major routes through town. While the portion of the road immediately in front of the church is open, the road past the church is being dug up for water main repair.

The construction workers have put up very visible signs to indicate there is construction and that the road beyond the church is closed.

From my desk, I look out onto the road mid-way between the "road closed" sign, and the construction. It is actually, the precise point at which a driver realizes that the sign they just drove pass was indeed accurate and the road beyond the church is impassable due to large trenches and construction vehicles.

This has been the situation for about 2 months now, and not a day goes by where a good number of drivers who believe they are the exception have a 'teachable moment' and are forced to turn around and retreat.

This action all goes down right outside my window.

I write this post as a small pack of BMW's admit defeat and are considering how to turn three cars around in one driveway.


-C.D. Clements