Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On how Shakespeare got me a Cupcake: 10 incredible degrees of separation!

1. Shakespeare wrote many plays which became famous.
2. More recently some people made a “Stratford Festival” which showcases his plays.
3. My friend's girlfriend went out to Stratford to make costumes for the festival.
4. Then my other friend's girlfriend went out to visit her.
5. As such, my friends mutually decided to have a 'boys only' night, seeing as their girlfriends were out of town.
6. I decided to attended this get-together, leaving Nyssa in North York.
7. Not wanting to be bored, Nyssa got together her friends for the same evening.
8. One of her friends happened to bring some cupcakes to the get-together.
9. Nyssa brought an extra cupcake home for me.
10. I ate the cupcake the next day.

You can clearly see the [semi]direct influence of Shakespeare on my recent life.
Who could have guessed the at effects of this man's life, even after all these years?

-C.D. CLements