Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On a handful of things.

You may have noticed that there were no posts in January. Here are a few mini-posts to make up:

Mini-post A)

My youth group recently went to pack up a senior's belongings, due to the fact that she was being evicted. She said that her pension could not cover a rent increase. She also said that her social worker advised her to put her stuff in storage and “move into” a shelter. Ultimately the youth and I didn't know what to do, so we packed her stuff, conversed pleasantly with her, and left. Later I gave her name to some contacts in the church. She says she will contact me in march regarding her situation. What an experience.

Mini-post B)

I used to do these Bible in a Year challenges. I managed a few translations, and then gave it up. In January I started this up again, but using The Message translation. However I've become aware that many folks think this is a bad idea. Some will even tell me it is not devotional reading. So I guess I will not be doing any devotions until I finish The Message.

Mini-post C)

I have taken to playing Fallout 3. It is the sort of game that scares you (or at least me) if played alone, or for too long. Last night I was in a subway tunnel looking for cannibals (in game that is). Between that and an episode of The Fringe, I had crazy dreams.

Mini-post D)

Nyssa and I have been on an epic quest for cross-country skis. Recently we finally compiled two complete sets. We have also discovered that the X-C skiing in Toronto sucks . It looks like the only real X-C skiing we will get in this winter will be the camping trip with the extended family. However it is hard to tell if Nyssa is feeling the "4 mid-winter days in the middle of nowhere" vibe.