Thursday, October 29, 2009

On wise comments

I often enjoy the comments section of an online media piece, more than the article/clip/picture... etc. People take the liberty to write all sorts of crap, and are generally very serious about it. Then someone else feels a former comment is wrong in a very grievous way; and so on. With regard to this matter, my friend James used to joke that he could not sleep when someone on the internet was wrong and didn't know it. Along these same lines, I came across one of the greatest posts I have read yet. People love to argue for their operating system, and I spotted this on a review of the new Ubuntu Linux; someone posted:

October 29, 2009 7:29pm

Okay, I'll post everyone's comments for them:

Windows fanboys: "Yeah, but can you play games on it? Who uses Linux anyway? Windows 7 is so much better at the end of the day... I mean, everyone uses Windows anyway, so why do Linux users have this compulsive need to be different and feel superior? Call me when it gets Office 2007"

Mac fanboys: "Yeah, whatever. I don't have time between trips to Ikea to learn how to use Linux. I just want something easy, simple, beautiful, and that never crashes or gets viruses and never crashes or gets viruses and never crashes or gets viruses. Plus, I don't think you can put iTunes on it, can you? Hey, wanna see my new iPhone app?"

Linux fanboys: "Well this is another blow to Microsoft and Apple OSs. When will people finally realize that open source is the future? Have fun, Winblows and Crapple owners with your bloated, slow 7 and Snow Leopard. Have fun getting viruses and paying $5,000 just to upgrade your OSX desktop. I'm laughing at you all because I'm simply better than you."

Anyway... "trips to Ikea" hehe.

-C.D. Clements

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hitler: MGMT vs. Bowie

During Halloween shows, Phish have a tradition of donning a "musical costume." This costume is another group's album played from start to finish. This year, the Phish website has an ongoing game, where the last record left "alive" will be Phish's upcoming musical costume. There is much speculation, but I found an insider video that lays the facts bare. It also stars Hitler. Take a look:

-C.D. Clements