Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On things I got, but am not.

The Killers have this song called “All these things that I've Done”. If you know this song, you will be familiar with the tag line of I got soul but I'm not a Soldier. The game here is to make fun of the song by thinking up things you own, but of which you are not.

The Paradigm is: I got [noun] but I'm not a [noun which sounds similar].

And here are some good ones that have been thought up:

I got Ham, but I'm not a Hamster.
I got Wit, but I'm not a Witness.
I got Class, but I'm not a Classroom.
I got Pans, but I'm not a Pancake.

What have you got, but are not?

-C.D. Clements.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On being an Atheist.

Catchy title eh? I am not an atheist, but I found a great blog written by someone who is.


For handful of years now I have been reading the big names in Atheism, and the big names in Christian apologetics. I've taken a few classes, and always enjoy those Youtube video debates where people try to remain civil, while working hard to prove their various positions on God's existence.

Allow me to recommend this friendly atheist blog. The fellow is someone who is well thought out, and from my perspective, is able to offer credible critiques of the church. It also helps that he is a nice guy.