Thursday, June 15, 2006

On Work

I work with a bunch of Jamaicans. Here are some “tings” they will say, and I have no clue what they are talking about.

1.“Criiis, where next glove!” = Chris, have you seen my other glove?
2.“Criiis, dumppen ‘n de middle” = Chris, please dump this bag of spice through the middle hatch of the mixer.
3.“Ohhhhhhnoo… I’m ‘ungry tooday Criiis” = Oh no, I am feeling hungry currently, but will be full after break.
4.“Criiss bruddah” = Hello Chris
5.“Criiis, getta next bag fruum Brender” = Chris, I need another bag from Brenda.
6.I ‘eard like-it tooouching… Tiiim!” = I hear a sound from the blender as though the blade is rubbing against the side. Better get Tim.

At any rate, they are a good deal of fun. (and confusion).

- C.D. Clements