Tuesday, December 09, 2008

On being emo. (Daniel Lanios Style!)

A while ago Nyssa bought an album by Daniel Lanois. You may know this fellow as producer on some U2, Bob Dylan, and Peter Gabriel albums. Additionally, if you are from the Jam Band circuit you will know his song “the maker”, which the Gerry Garcia Band and the Dave Matthews Band have covered on a few occasions.

I have been listening to “Shine”, and it has been the most emo-ambient experience I think I've had since high school. And I'll admit, I thoroughly enjoyed what Daniel had to offer.

Let me recommend to you readers who are generally opposed to rainy day music, but on special occasions (like writing term papers on a snowy day) may secretly indulge: Daniel Lanois – Shine.

I'll add that I was very excited to see that the album has two drummers: Brian AND Brady Blade! Bono and Emmylou Harris also appear on two tracks.

Two [misunderstood] thumbs up.

-C.D. Clements.