Monday, February 06, 2012

On Water

This post is a small info piece for some folks I'd like to corral into a brief trip this spring.

- Proposed Dates June 15 -18
- Lower Madawaska River (Link to Madawaska on Google Maps)
- About four hours from Toronto
- Well travelled river; many accesses.
a. 46 Km
b. About 12 sets of runnable rapids
c. Great location for easy fun in white water
- One massive lookout (small hike)
- Cost per person: About $170
a. Transportation
b. Rental canoes
c. Shuttle to Put In location
d. Food
e. (We can outfit ourselves beyond canoes)

Some photos from past trips on this same river:

- Paddling at Dawn
- Morning Day 3

- Catching A Wave
- Side Hike + View

- C. D. Clements