Monday, May 28, 2007

On Tyndale Maintenance: The Game

-A quick introduction-

While at work on any Tyndale Maintenance job, there is invariably a test of skill and cunning which presents itself with the given task. These tests of the Tyndale Maintenance worker range from that of colossal engineering, to the subtle, yet unexpected setback. Play as either Chris or Mark*, and realize the adventure and reward of Tyndale Maintenance in the comfort of your own home.
Set in the style of Chips Challenge (see windows 95) and the occasional adventure perspective, (see such great games as 'Kings Quest'; 'Space Quest'; 'Police Quest' and to a lesser extent 'Torin's Passage') Tyndale Maintenance The Game** promises actual fun for all, not just those who are 'maintainly' inclined.

-Overview of Demo Levels-

Level 5:

Debunk all of 5th floor's bunk beds.

-Features corroded extenders, flimsy frames, tight spaces, severely wedged components, missing items, bruised fingers, and mismatched headboards.

-For extra difficulty select the 'Hot Muggy Day' option.

Level 7:

Chair Stuck in Closet of room 407

-Features a Chair which cannot be removed by conventional means. (Tip: use screwdriver and accessories to remove closet door, and closet door track)

Level 12:

Change Light Bulb at 12' in the air, above spinning fan.

-Earn WHIMIS points for timely completion.

Level 20:

Find things to do while Mark is busy all day making name plates.

-This excludes leaving early and doing any sort of thing which is interesting

Level 30:

Securely fasten bookstore fan to sub-ceiling by anchoring a piece of wood with hooks to concrete ceiling without breaking anything, or setting of heat detectors with are directly above ladder, and attached to the ceiling panel to the left of the fan which needs to be anchored. Task must be completed amongst mess of various (mainly network) cables running any given way between sub-ceiling and concrete ceiling. Also be ware of water pipe running above celling tiles where fan must be anchored.

-A limit of three trips to Maintenance shop total (as opposed to per person) permitted for this level.

-Actual In-Game Screen Shots-

-C.D. Clements

*Who incidentally was received recently into the grouping of people know as 'the best people ever'; this selection of people are not necessarily the famous/elite, but are certainly recognized as prestigious with regard to their manner and skill in conjunction with [well...] various sorts of things. (Like a 'For many are called, but few are chosen' sort of scenario).

**System Requirements:

Pentium 4 - 2.5 Ghz (or better)

512 MB Video

1 GB Ram

4 GB Hard Drive Space

48x DVD Drive


Patrick Sutherland said...

based on the specs... I can never play this game...

But I will cast magic Missle

Patman the Overly Impressed

Anonymous said...

can you acquire an elven short sword and kill things?