Wednesday, April 25, 2007

On What I Found Online

A) Penner's "Now and Not Yet" paradox in N.T. theology.

B) Prime example of Niebuhr's "Church Above the World" model of cultural interaction.

C) Carnal Nature in conflict with Spirit Nature

D) Different strokes for different folks

-C.D. Clements


David said...

I tend to think that my carnal nature wants Halo 2 Live...give me your guys gamertag so I can add you and join the Desert Fathers nowwwww!

CC said...

it is:

JBRD 459

Patrick Sutherland said...

Do you get excited by things like being upside down? Defying gravity?

Rachel Joy said...

chris here's the plan.
this sunday you me and john are going to leaskdale at 9, and then we have to go to mom&dad's church at 11 and see them become members.
OK? but you have to come to leaskdale so i can drive there.

Anonymous said...


agnt bauer is my gamertag

Anonymous said...


I will also use this opportunity to not respond to your post, but nevertheless post a comment...

I have started a Halo 2 Live gamertag as well. It is:

DSRT 333

However, you must have the ability to kill people and raise them from the dead (like Abba Anthony), or live on a tower for long periods of time (sniper), or be able to float in the water (without dying) for long periods of time while reciting the psalms.