Sunday, April 01, 2007

On The Best Of Halo 2

The 493 Cummer Avenue, Pat and Chris Halo 2 template for an optimal gaming session is comprised of many delicate elements. One of the most important and carefully considered components is the selection of music to which the game will be played. I have humbly comprised a ‘best of’ with regard to the Halo 2 sound track. It is our sincere hope that the incorporation of our research into great Halo 2 music will add new dimensions to your own Halo 2 experience.

The List: (alphabetically)

Elvis Costello – My Aim is True

Features classic Costello styled music, strong melodies, and a neat acoustic selection of bonus tracks.

Jars of Clay – Good Monsters

This new Jars of Clay album sends Christian music into the much beloved world of new ‘indy’ rock. Reminds us of stuff like Cold Play mixed with SufJan and some other things too. Track 8 is the best.

John Mayer – Continuum

Courtesy of Paul Randell; this is John Mayer as heard not catering to the musical needs of adolescent girls. Good mix for rocking; one step down from ‘rocking out’.

New Pornographers – Electric Version, Twin Cinema

Stellar Canadian band, regardless of what Dan Jupp’s cousin thinks. This is feel good, foot taping music.

Phish – Billy Breathes, Slip Stitch and Pass

Phish… who knew? Highlights include a well refined studio recording (Billy Breathes) and a great live album (Slip Stitch and Pass). The ladder is liked because of a Talking Heads cover which kicks the album off. The great jams will cause your Halo 2 experience to run incredibly smooth.

The Roan – Ambient Compilation

This is the music which stared it all. Jason Rainville made me an ambient mix in third year, and we would swear by this mix all through out the Tyndale Halo 2 years. Good mix of creepy ambient, and chill ambient with a beat.

Talking Heads – Fear of Music, Remain in the Light, True Stories

Music which is great, and a little out of the ordinary. Fear of music comes with many killer lines which can be quoted in various contexts for great inside jokes. Remain in the light is a treat as well. True Stories gives an enjoyable look at the 80’s from the talking head’s perspective. ‘Speaking in Tongues’ could have been in this list as well, but we haven’t given it the chance it probably deserves.

-C.D. Clements


Patrick Sutherland said...

I hear by give this post the "Patman the Pat Award of Excellence"

P the P

Anonymous said...

here by is one word...(hereby) so I hereby give Patman's award the "Pat Award of Mediocrity"...

(And don't say that I can't award Pat awards just because my name's not Pat...that would be lame...)


Chris Lewis said...

i don't know the exact words but it sounds like this...

(said extremely fast..)
"hever and the rever and the red red birds...

CC said...

I think it is:

Piper, Piper, the red red worm;

I woke last night to the sound
of the storm;

Word Words I sailed upon.


Repeat ad nauseam, loud and fast.

jaylocke said...

Fact: Anonymous is a little rude.

Question: Who are you?

CND said...

This post leaves me wondering what one step up from 'rocking out' is. Does it involve kick jumps? There should be a sliding scale for experiencing music.

Nice list, although I seriously question the inclusion of John Mayer until I hear evidence to convince me otherwise.

nyssa ariel said...

It seems that all the cool people are leaving comments on this post... I don't want to feel left out.

Good post. Sorry I took back my New Pornographers cd.. I know Pat was sad about that.

This is all I have to say.

Patrick Sutherland said...

i was sad.

And anonymous... well I'll give you the benefit of the doubt... and frankly there is a lot of doubt.

David said...

Jars of Clay? mmmm check out my new blog on Rosie Thomas