Thursday, July 20, 2006

On Trey

Trey Anastasio: Toronto, CANADA July 18, 2006

Set list:

Sleep Again
Something For Rockets
Goodbye Head >
You've Got Me Floating*
On The Road Again*
Mexican Cousin*
Suskind Hotel
Who Are You

These Eyes
*Trey on acoustic guitar, Mike on banjo.

I have gone to see Trey Anastasio of Phish play the other night. Amongst the lengthy jams within the songs (which were in themselves somewhat of a transcendent experience) I consider the following points:

A) Trey refers to music & jams as a sort of divine language. (I am beginning to feel this is a valid point)
B) There is this ‘belonging’ sort of feeling/concept that happens amongst people while enjoying music.
C) I appreciate the cathartic/transcendent nature of a relationship with God, and great music. Not that Trey jams are a replacement for God, but just as language is used in conversation/communion with the divine, I find myself to be considering the role of music in communion with the divine.
D) At any rate, little jams in worship where one is able to stop singing prescribed words, and enter into a sort of worshipful communion (often without words) is unique and wonderful.

Okay. C.D. Clements.


nyssa ariel said...

I also agree.

David said...

Clements, your views are extremely to my likeing, I agree with every point, and wonder to myself, if we should have a special worship Jam night at the school, somehow other than music heads like yourself, I and Nyssa and maybe Tim and Dan, would get it. But here's for trying! Glad you had fun, nice visuals.

Patrick Sutherland said...

I take personal offence from not being on David Kenties personal list of music lovers. And I disagree with everything he said because of it...

but I enjoy this point and the valitdity of the divine language...

P the P