Monday, May 29, 2006

On Going to Camp

I will be on staff at Pioneer's L.I.T. program this summer. Please dig the the ideas behind L.I.T.:

a)"To promote the personal growth and leadership development of Christian teens."

b)"To train young people to serve as Christian leaders in Pioneer's camping programs and their broader home, school, and church communities. "

"Community is a vital component of the program, and L.I.T.s spend a great deal of the time in various groups. Activity groups, small groups, and room groups are all facilitated by carefully selected staff who model the servant lifestyle that L.I.T.s will seek to emulate. Through all of this community interaction, relationships are built which flourish into amazing and lasting friendships."
Looking foward...
-C.D. Clements.


Pat said...


It is ironic that variety is the spice of life since you are working somewhere besides the spice factory.

It sounds like they went to the same "plan a philosophy" meeting that Tyndale Student Life did. Thats great.

In regards to the appearance of Trey in Toronto I must regretfully decline.


Anyways I have enjoyed blogging and wish you well in you up coming endeavors.


David said...

I love your pictures Chris, I'll try better!