Thursday, February 11, 2010

An appeal to competitors

During time wasting activities over the past few years, I have defaulted to one game in particular: X Moto. Found natively in Linux, it is also available for Windows, Mac, and a few other OS's. A first impression might lead you to believe X Moto is mostly a nerdy game, but recent events in the Tyndale Maintenance office have confirmed what I have always suspected: X Moto has the potential of a cult hit.

X Moto is a 2D motor-bike side scroller, but with 2000 plus user generated levels, a very healthy degree of difficulty, and a wildly impressive statistic system, it leaves any competition far behind. I wish to invite you [the reader] into this game, and if you would dare, into the fiercely competitive world of Tyndale Maintenance's X Moto competition.

Walk through on how to get X Moto running on your computer:

A) Download latest version at

B) Install the game. Be sure to:

    • Enable web access [Options tab > WWW tab > Enable WWW access]

    • Click “Check WWW” at the bottom of the page.

      • Allow to download high scores, new levels

C) Play the game. You can select level various difficulties with the "difficulty stars" and the “Quick Start” feature on the main page. Or play through a map pack in the Levels tab.

D) Go back to and register your username.
    • Note the links bar on the main page

    • Select the “Log In” link

    • Create a new player account

    • Enter in your profile name from the game (case sensitive), give an email & password.

E) Synchronize your game account to your web account

    • Options tab > WWW tab > enter your password

    • Then, Options tab > Database tab > select the Synchronize button

F) Find the Tyndale “room” and share your high scores & level replays.

    • On the Web:

      • Log in

      • Select the Private Rooms link

      • Find Tyndale in the pull down menu

      • Enter your profile name

      • Enter the room's password (which is “tyndale”. Note the small case “t”)

      • Select Change of Room

    • In Game:

      • Options tab > Reference Room tab > Update Room Button > Tyndale (type into the filter)

      • Select the room

      • Be sure to upload your high scores (button on right of screen)

This may seem complicated, but worthwhile. See if you can beat Nathan's score on “Toxic Waste.”


-C.D. Clements


RodeoClown said...

aaaaaw yeah - except it hasn't always been known as xmoto. it was already a cult game... probably 7 years ago, called "ELMA" - or "Elasto Mania". my brother and I KILLED that game - we'd build levels that were nearly impossible unless you knew EXACTLY when to move. he's still got some replays saved on that game that boggle my mind.

Chris said...

What is your brother's Tag? I'll look up the replays.

RodeoClown said...

dude - we played ELMA before the series of tubes had even been invented by Al Gore.

actually, no, I think we downloaded it on a dial-up connection.

regardless, we're not on the xmoto network - both of us have the game, although we've lost touch since ELMA. xmoto have a few strange things with it too; for instance the rider going over the bars - that took a while to get used to. since the MASSIVE fascination a few years ago, we've lost the charm of it all.

when I go home, maybe I can get some screen shots or replays captured from ELMA.

PS - it's Sim

Andrew said...

i was always more into elastomania as well, basically the same thing but with super stretchy spokes!

Anonymous said...

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