Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On things I got, but am not.

The Killers have this song called “All these things that I've Done”. If you know this song, you will be familiar with the tag line of I got soul but I'm not a Soldier. The game here is to make fun of the song by thinking up things you own, but of which you are not.

The Paradigm is: I got [noun] but I'm not a [noun which sounds similar].

And here are some good ones that have been thought up:

I got Ham, but I'm not a Hamster.
I got Wit, but I'm not a Witness.
I got Class, but I'm not a Classroom.
I got Pans, but I'm not a Pancake.

What have you got, but are not?

-C.D. Clements.


Patrick Sutherland said...

I got gum but I am not gumbo.

Kin said...

I got pills, but I'm not a pilsner.

Anonymous said...

i got sole but i'm not a fish salesman (did that work?)

Sleepless in Seatle said...

-I've got eyes but I'm not an Eisenhower

-I've got germs but I'm not a German

Anonymous said...

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