Wednesday, December 26, 2007

On the Mug of suspected Death

Pat got me a big mug for the 493 Christmas present exchange. (Also some tea to go in the mug; very thoughtful). But whenever hot liquids are placed in this mug, it emits alarming 'clicking'/'ping' sounds.

Nyssa thinks the mug is poisoned. I think it could be a tea activated time bomb. Pat is in North Bay, and cannot comment. (Clever Alibi?) Whatever the case, if you see me with large gashes on my face, and a bizarre fear of red mugs, then you will know what happened.

In such an event blame Pat, or Hallmark



Patrick Sutherland said...

I think the mug is absolutely fine... It's just settling into ts new position.

Perhaps it was only meant to be a 2 pee tea mug and you are over stressing it as a 3 pee tea mug...

Maybe the cracking is to help support the Christmas atmosphere (ie a crackling fire)

Perhaps its just a faulty mug.

I in no way desire the destruction or mutilation of one Christ Dwight Clements. However if said mug explodes at this point, due to the excessive amount of discussion about it, it will be funny.

This message has been the words of Mr. The Pat transcribed by Patman the Pat.

Rachel Joy said...

pat called you CHRIST dwight clements.
i believe that is blasphemy.

Patrick Sutherland said...

See clearly I can't be trying to kill him... I think so highly of him that I unintentionally called him Christ.

really makes one think about my ability to murder or mangle one said Chris.

(on secondary thought it was probably just a typo by the person who transcribed the message... he's an idiot)

Patman the Pat

nyssa ariel said...


Anonymous said...

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