Thursday, January 18, 2007

On The Dearly Departed

Chris Lewis (pictured above) has moved to the United States for school. Lewis was enjoyable to live with at 493 for the following reasons:

-Making fun of Penney and Paul (mostly Penney).

-Making fun of Al.

-Making fun of various other people.

-Discussing women.

-Lewis leaving his Stella in the fridge.

-Him having a beard.

-Talking about Ronald J. Sider, the Emerging church, and the book ‘Blankets’.

-The Sheraton Center trip (where the below photo was taken at breakfast).

-Affirming athletics, and the importance of looking good.

-Having someone to call 'LewDog'.

-Digging Damien Rice.

-And a variety of other reasons.

Okay man, visit soon.

-C.D. Clements


David said...


nyssa ariel said...

God bless his dear soul...

Rachel Joy said...

can you bring damien rice home sometime so i can dig him too?

David said...


Chris Lewis said...

david...i'm not dead... thank you nyssa, i receive that blessing... i'll be home soon...

Chris Lewis said...

ps- you forgot to mention or bike trip...YIKES