Monday, December 11, 2006

On Three Things.

The First Thing:

I became engaged to Nyssa Dhillon on the 9th. You may see her blogspot for details. I can vouch for all she has written.

The Second Thing:

It has recently come to my attention that Christ was a man of the people; I suppose this includes (but is not limited to) the village people.

The Third Thing:

Penney has found this picture online, and it is not me. This mystery me apparently resides in England, and is a friend of a friend from Penney' s camp. Penney has also taken a few liberties with his new photo program. ( I feel you can click the image for a larger view)

-C.D. Clements


Patrick Sutherland said...

on the topic of look alike Clements. On the blog under the heading BEST BIRTHDAY EVER there is an image of Janet but in the back ground there is a very distinct Chris Clements look alike. Check it out...

P the P

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, amoung your best work getting engaged to Nyssa!

Steven Harper

Rachel Joy said...

chris, i have a blogspot, so you have to put that under my name thingy instead of my msn space one,

Anonymous said...

2 questions:
can i come to the honeymoon?


halo 2?