Thursday, October 05, 2006

On the Desert Fathers

26. The brethren came to Abba Anthony and laid before him a passage from Leviticus. The old man went out into the desert, secretly followed by Abba Ammonas, who knew that this was his custom. Abba Anthony went a long way off and stood there praying, crying in a loud voice, 'God, send Moses, to make me understand this saying.' Then there came a voice speaking with him. Abba Ammonas said that although he heard the voice speaking with him, he could not understand it.

32. Abba Anthon said, 'I no longer fear God, but I love Him. For love casts out fear.' (Jn 4.18)

-C.D. Clements


David said...

My new favourite hero!

Add me to your buddy list!

al r hounsell said...

It was said of Abba Chris that one day he went out to the desert (Bestview) to pray as was his custom. Unbeknownst to him (not really since he actually knew everything) he was followed by Abba Al. Abba Chris stood in the middle of the park pondering how cool Alias is and could not figure out how the show derived its supreme coolness. "Send me Phish!" cried Abba Chris, "For only they are cool enough to know!"

Abba Al stood lurking in the bushes as was his custom. Soon he heard the sound of unorderly music devoid of the sacred "synth" of sacred Hillsongs. He could not make out what was happening and fell dead. Abba Chris walked back to his abode (a pillar atop Tyndale) in peace, but paused as he passed Abba Al's dead body:

"You have acted unwisely, Abba Al. You must now live in a shack by the ocean."

However, Abba Al did not do so, for he was dead.

C.D. Clements said...

Dear AL

This is a funny story.