Saturday, April 22, 2006

On Community

I am now ending a four year stay in the dormitory of Tyndale University/College and Seminary. Two of these years were spent in the capacity of a ‘residence advisor’. Here is a very brief reflection on my experience:

Christian Community is purposed for:
A) Relating to God
Relating and Ministering to each other. (in good times/bad; the idea of ‘being’ or ‘peregrinatio’, which is apparently Latin for ‘pilgrimage’) Relating to one another has to do with being honest and vulnerable (commonly termed ‘real’). Ministering (in a tiny nutshell) is the renewing of the image of God on a person’s life.
For inner healing & giving one’s self character definition. Please note: God defines the person, but others are certainly are employed by God in the process.
D) Equipping for ministry
E) Having lots of Fun

Role of the Individual Christian in Community
A) Commune with God (devotion, covenant faithfulness/experience)
B) Co-Facilitation of a community where ALL members belong. (Co-Facilitation in the sense that fellow man and God are also involved in act)
C) Self-Sacrifice (in many capacities. Two specifically: 1) The only way one can get what one wants consistently is in isolation, which is not pleasant. 2) Service is a Christian moral imperative)
D) Enjoy the community and its benefits.
E) Realize one’s commitment to God and one another in trial.

The Tyndale residence experience is something that has given my person definition is various appreciated aspects. Living in an intentional Christian community (in my opinion) is an anticipation (albeit fallen anticipation) of Heaven where we will know God perfectly and one another perfectly.

Two Notes:

A) This is my reflection, as oppoesd to a widely accepted systematic theology excerpt.

B) Read: Ephesians, Chapter 2; Life Together - Bonhoeffer

-C.D. Clements.

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